Jewanna and Pierre

Bridal Party


Jackie Etchison
Maid of Honor

Jackie is Jay's little sister and best friend. They grew up not getting along, but have become inseparable during their adult years. There is not a life decision made without her approval so quite naturally the same goes for Jay's big day. There is not a wedding planning decision made or detail implemented without a discussion first with the maid of honor. After all,  she knows Jay best!
Jade Etchison

Jasmine AKA Jade is Jay's little sister. Jay is so excited that Jade is sharing her special day with her. Jade lives in Virginia Beach but will be traveling to Atlanta several times this year to make all of Jay's events. Jade is sure to be the life of any party and will make sure there is not a dull moment! Jade has also promised to handle any business that Jay does not want to tackle. 
Shilda Gaither

Shilda is Pierre's little sister and they are definitely each other's keepers. Jay has Shilda to thank for bringing her home shortly after Pierre and her start dating to meet their mom.  If it was up to Pierre, it would have been several months later.  Jay is happy to get another sister and to have a true and geniune relationship with her.  Shilda is Jay's "Creative Director" and all the small details of the wedding will be implemented by her.
Lytani Wilson

It all started 8th grade year at Stephenson Middle School. A fight that almost started on the basketball court sideline between two cheerleaders blossomed into a friendship of 15 years. Since that time, there has not been a time that they have missed in each other's lives. From cheering together freshman year at Stephenson High School, to becoming all-star cheerleaders together, to servicing all mankind together in the best sorority there is, to seeing each other get their bachelors and masters degrees. Jay would not have it any other way than to have Lytani experience her special day with her.
Cherelle Jones

Jay and Cherelle AKA Relle became good friends in high school. It was only right they become good friends and all with Jay being one of the best cheerleaders (lol) and Relle one of the best basketball players.  Relle quickly became a part of Jay's family, being loved by all her siblings and mother. Facebook was the best thing that happened in 2005 allowing Jay and Relle to stay in touch during their college years and once they were back in Atlanta, it was like they never parted for Washington D.C. and middle Georgia. Jay can always count on Relle for anything and knew before she was ever proposed to that Cherelle would help her celebrate this day.
Jenel McMillian

Jenel and Jay have known each other since 2004 and were roommates in college. One of Jay most memorable moments of Jenel is when Jenel pinned her during her Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. induction ceremony.  Although they were friends in college, their friendship is much different today- Jay and Jenel are unbreAKAble (She will like that her line name was used)! Jenel has been there for the good and bad situations of Jay's life and Jay considers Jenel one of her most reliable friends. Just as Jenel allowed Jay to be a part of her special day, Jay desires Jenel to experience the same!
Hillary Thomas

Hillary and Jay met at Redan High School where they were 2 out of 3 sophmore cheerleaders on the varsity squad. They instantly hit it off. Just as they are silly today when they're together, it was even worst back then.  Today, it is not unusal to see the two rapping in the back of a taxi cab or busting a dance move together in the middle of the street. Jay admires the spirit Hillary has and knows she will give her all to make sure Jay's day is perfect.
Charis Wright

Charis and Jay met Charis' freshmen year at Fort Valley State and the rest is history. They have been down like two flat tires every since.  From cheerleading buddies, to taking road trips to Albany, Tuskegee and Valdosta just because, to their annual vacations together, they have created memories to last a lifetime. Jay is honored to have Charis share her day with her.
Reneisha Campbell-Smith

Reneisha and Jay became sorority sisters at Fort Valley State University and were neighbors at Old English Apartments. It was not until right after their college graduations that their friendship blossomed. They both lived on the east side of Atlanta and that meant more time to hang out. They even went to Clark Atlanta University during the same time to obtain their masters. Reneisha was one of first of Jay's friends to meet Pierre.  Jay can not think of one time that she had a special event or needed someone to lean on and Reneisha was not there. Jay is happy to share her day with her.

William Graham
Best Man

Born fifteen days apart, these two cousins were raised like brothers. From dressing alike by their parents to fighting to determine who is the strongest, these guys have an unbreakable bond. Although Mike and Pierre may not talk daily, there is not one major occasion that happens without each other's support.  There is an old saying that “Blood is thicker than water” and Mike proves this through his words of wisdom and encouragement, and actions. For this reason, Pierre would have it no other way than to have his first friend and cousin as his Best Man!

Khalid Barr

Khalid and Pierre met when Khalid was on his quest to become a part of the greatest Fraternity known to man. Yes, Khalid is Pierre’s neo. Khalid is a brother’s brother always having Pierre’s back. Khalid has mastered the art of reading Pierre’s mind, which always create moments of inside jokes and laughter. Pierre can always count on Khalid to crank up a stroll to get the party started. 

Gabriel Brooks

Gabriel (Gabe) and Pierre met freshman year at The South Atlanta High School. For some strange reason people kept confusing the two, calling each the other’s name. Once having the opportunity to get to know each other, these two have been hanging tough ever since. Gabe is one of Pierre’s best friends, who if wanted to, could write a TELL ALL on the life and times of Pierre Gaither. Dependable and present for whatever the tasks may be, this wedding could not be legit without him standing in support.

Joshua Brooks

Joshua (Josh) is like Pierre’s little brother. When Josh and Pierre are in the same room, the conversations are about to become interesting and limits are non-existing. These two can be caught experimenting with making their own wine from random thoughts to working together to give back to their alma mater. Pierre always have a great time when hanging with Josh, and other members of THE CREW. 

Marcus Dumas

Marcus is Pierre’s Morehouse Brother and Fraternity Brother. He was instrumental in guiding Pierre towards the Alpha Light. Because of that, Marcus is a brother who holds Pierre accountable and has supported Pierre in his endeavors. Marcus and Pierre have formed a strong friendship through brotherhood that will forever be in existence. When Marcus and Pierre are hanging out, you can expect the environment to be LIVE!

Demarius Etchison

Demarius is Jewanna’s oldest brother. He marches to the beat of his own drum and can be identified as the silent killer. Pierre is happy to gain him as a brother and looks forward to the positive relationship and family ties. 

Zavier Johnson

Zavier (Zay) is Jewanna’s second oldest brother. When Zay first me Pierre, he came down the steps of his parent’s house, with no shirt, and deepen his voice and asked “So you are the guy who is trying to date my sister?” Of course Pierre responded with a yes reply. After a series of additional questions, Pierre gained Zay’s blessing in the continued pursuit of Jewanna. Although Zay is younger than Jay, he walks in the big brother shoes as it relates to guys dating his sisters. Pierre can appreciate Zay’s love/protectiveness for Jewanna, and because of that their bond has grown greatly over the years.

Terry McMillian

Terry is Pierre’s road-dog. These two met through their women, but have formed a bond of their own. Catch these two if you can speeding on scooters in Miami, cruising to the Bahamas, or drinking coconut rum in Jamaica. Pierre stood as a groomsmen in Terry’s wedding, and it is great to have Terry stand in support of Pierre’s union with Jewanna. Although these two may rival on the HBCU football field (Morehouse is better than that other school!), there is never an issue of one having the other’s back. 

Broderick Smith

Who would have ever thought that two SGA Presidents from different high schools would become brothers for life? Broderick and Pierre met during the 2000-2001 academic year at an Atlanta Public Schools Leadership Conference. Just a few years later, these two gentlemen became reacquainted during their quest to become a part of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. through the Omicron Lambda Chapter. Broderick knows the beginning days of Pierre and Jay, and is always there to offer great words of wisdom. On a side note, Broderick tells the best story of his first encounter with Jewanna.

Flower Girls

Londyn Harris & Paige Carnes